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If you love our brand and love taking photos of your little one, becoming  an Doll Ambassador for our boutique is the right fit for you! We are on the hunt for little Fashion Dolls to showcase the items in our shop. Our sizes very from Newborn up to 14/16. We would love to have you join our ambassador program and spread the love about Daci Dolls! 
Earn commission for sales using your own discount code for your family, friends and social media followers.
The duration of the term is 3 months. Our terms are very simple, we offer a discount towards anything in the boutique and give you flexibility in choosing which ever items you feel like best fit your style as well as your social media feed. In return we ask that you tag us in your photos and send us 1-2 photos per item purchased. There is no limit on the amount of products purchased with your code, we simply ask that you tag us on your social media platforms when posting photos in the outfits.
This is NOT a cute kid competition, we also don't check how many followers you have. We are simply looking for uncluttered high quality photos (Iphone pictures are just fine)
* As stated above -we do require a once a month purchase. Upon acceptance to our Ambassador Program, you will be given an ambassador code to shop in our Doll closet at Daci Doll House well as a code for you share, which will also help you earn CASH, but more about that in a minute!
*We ask that you promote the brand on your social media using your unique share discount code.
  • 20% off code to be used towards anything in our boutique for the duration of your ambassador term. (be sure you check your email as it may end up in JUNK MAIL )
  • 10% off code for family and friends for the duration of the term. This is a code created for you that may also be shared with your followers on your social media platforms. 
  • 10% commission every time someone shops using your link or unique code that will be sent to you via store credit
  • Exposure to our followers on our social media. This helps your social media profile grow if you are seeking for your child to model for larger brands in the future. Love from other Dolls in Support Groups on IG .

**By submitting photos you are agreeing to your photos being shared on our website, social media, and/or advertisements.**
If you feel like you would be a great fit , click the link below: